Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is Jaw Pain Changing Who You Are?

Research studies conducted have found that individuals who are impacted with chronic pain begin to change who they are. They become less tolerant, demonstrate a lack of empathy and begin to demonstrate signs of depression that can impact their relationships for the long run. Do you or someone you know struggle with malocclusion or bite problems that are changing who you are?

Temporomandibular disorders are a complex set of problems that encompass more than just one joint. This can impact the teeth, structures of your head and neck as well as jaw movements. Each one of these problems, depending on how severe your case is, can cause you to be in constant pain.

Dr. Judy Strutz and her team spend the quality time you need in order to diagnose and treat the problem at the root cause. There are 3 main classifications of temporomandibular disorders, but the results are the same, pain.

If you are struggling with jaw or bite alignment problems, then your treatment plan will include high quality work that is backed by a warrenty. Yes, you read correctly, Dr. Strutz and her team stand behind their work to ensure you have pain free living and can go back to doing things you love.

For more information on malocclusion or other jaw pain, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today.

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