Friday, January 18, 2019

4 Dental Habits That Are Destroying Your Smile

There is so much information out there that it can be impossible to really know which information is facts and which ones are not. Here are 4 dental habits however, that you may be doing that you didn’t even know where causing damage to your smile.

1.     Chewing on your finger nails. While it may seem an innocent habit that is helping you relieve some tension, it can unfortunately lead to chipping or breaking a tooth.

2.     Chewing on ice. It is hot outside and chewing a piece of ice may be the first thing you think about as you lounge by the pool or come in from a warm day. But the pressure it takes for you to bite down, can cause fractures on the enamel of your teeth as well as jaw problems over long term ice chewing.

3.     Eating high carbohydrate foods. While carbohydrates are getting a bad rap these days for what it does to your overall health, it is always unfortunately terrible for your smile as well. The food sticks to your teeth in between brushing, which leads to it turning into sugar, which increases the process of wearing down the enamel on your teeth.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Love your smile, Tips To Decreasing Your Fear

Cosmetic dental teams sometimes get a bad rap but they are the quiet hearos behind the scene cheering your healthy habits and your smile on. They are the ones that can help you to become the best version of yourself, because the health of your body starts with your smile. If you have broken, damaged or periodontal disease, these problems can drastically decrease not only the health of your smile, but begin to negatively impact your organs as well.  But we also understand that the fear you may have around visiting the cosmetic dentist is real, so here are 7 tips to decreasing your fear at the dentist.

1. Schedule your appointment in the morning. This gets it out of the way and doesn’t give you much time to dwell on the fear that you are feeling.

2.Before your appointment do something calming, such as listening to music, taking a bath or going for a walk. Anything that is going to refocus your mind on happy thoughts.

3. Tell your dentist. You do not have to carry this burden of fear alone. They can help you through this in order to ensure you have the least amount of anxiety going into the procedure as possible.

4. Take care of your smile in between visits. Brush, floss and eat healthy foods. This can help decrease the procedures you need to keep your smile looking great.

5.Get to know your dental team and the procedure you are going to have done. This can help put your mind at ease.

Dr. Judy Strutz and her team always enjoy helping patients have achieve the look they are going for with their smile. For more questions about how to manage your dental fears contact Dr. Strutz and her team.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Letter from Your Smile to You

A recent dentist was asked, “What do you think my teeth would say if they could talk?” So, here’s a letter from your teeth to you,

Dear human, I know your life is so busy and you always assume I will be there for you, but unfortunately because you only spend quality time brushing two to three weeks before that crucial dental appointment and your flossing routine is even more sparse, I may not be able to stick around for long.

I remind you of your habits by causing you minor pain but event that doesn’t seem to change your habits or perceptive. I love you and will hard for you, but you must first repay me in better ways. This neglect I feel is causing me to bleed. Soo, it will be inflammation city and once that sets in, there need for more serious smile fixes to get us back on track.

I see your pain and sadness when you hide me from the world and as you walk by the mirror. I want to be healthier for you but the sugar levels in soda that you are consuming is so acidic and it is wearing me down. Take a deep breath today and get us back on track, by keeping your dental appointments and taking better care of me.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Do You Take Time For Your Smile?

It may be the last thing you think of after a crazy busy day or in the morning when you are trying to get ready for your day, but keeping these 5 rules at the forefront of your brain can change your dental routine to improve the health of your smile.

1.     Always brush your teeth at least 2x a day. Your teeth deserve to be free of food debris getting in their way. You are really only committing to 4 minutes a day to this routine. You can do anything for 4 minutes a day.
2.     Floss isn’t recommended because you dentist is trying to trick you into spending 2.00 dollars on floss. It is relying the only way to keep your gums looking fantastic.
3.     Show it off. Your teeth work hard every day for you. Don’t hide them behind your lips, sharing your toothy smile more not only improves your mood but it also improves the day for others around you.
4.     Think about your teeth throughout the day and reward them by drinking water. Water helps to rinse leftovers from your teeth so you don’t get embarrassed when you smile in that business meeting with lettuce stuck to your teeth.
5.     Schedule and keep you dentist appointments. Your smile would like to be out friends too, but your regular dental commitments are a sure way to keep your smile looking awesome in order to do that.
Your teeth are really designed to last a lifetime, don’t cut their life short with unhealthy dental habits. For more information on improving your smile, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.