Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Cosmetic Procedures Are Recommended To Fix My Smile

 With multiple options available to improve your smile, here are a few that can improve your overall look. While some can be done outside of the dental office, some need to be completed by a professional in order to get the best result.

1.     Whitening
           Whitening is an easy improvement that can be completed in the office or in the comfort of your home.

2.     Removing decay
           Decay is not something you want to leave on your teeth. It can create bigger problems for your smile and it can decrease the overall appearance.

 3. Replace missing teeth
            Missing teeth can create a number of problems for you. Not only do your other teeth begin to shift into their place, this process begins to affect your face taking years from your life. Dr. Strutz says, "missing teeth also can create a negative appearance, decreasing self-esteem. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges, or with removable appliances.

4. Build up worn teeth
            As time goes on your teeth may become worn down, especially if you grind your teeth at night. Building up your teeth using a tooth colored material can restore them to a more beautiful look and its much more cost effective than some other options.

5. Get your gums healthy
            Gum health is not only for your teeth but for your body as well. Periodontal disease has been linked to a decrease in overall health as well as problems inside your mouth. Unhealthy gums are red and inflamed, healthy ones – pink. Also remember your gums are the ‘picture frames’ for your teeth. If those frames are not looking their best it might be time for some gum re-contouring.

6. Protect your smile with a night guard
            Once you have spent the time and money restoring your smile, you’ll want to take care of your work. If you grind your teeth, wear a night guard to protect them.

Dr. Judy Strutz and her team are here to help restore you smile.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Reasons Why All On 4 Dental Implants Are Your Best Option

            If you have missing teeth causing your mouth area to sag, we have a solution for you! All on 4 dental implants can help restore your smile and give your face its fullness back. Once your treatment is completed, you’ll be able to go back to eating and drinking foods you may not have been able to enjoy before. Here is what is so amazing about the All-on-4 process:
1. It can increase self-confidence through an improved smile
Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious foods, the All on 4 (AO4) process can improve the look of your smile increasing your self-confidence. Missing teeth can be embarrassing, causing you to attempt to hide your smile. As friends laugh and smile around you, you may be tempted to take the photos instead of being in the pics. A04 dental implants can restore your smile allowing you to break free from being embarrassed. "As you smile more to show off your amazing healthy teeth, it becomes an automatic self-confidence booster," says Dr. Judy Strutz.

2. It can increase self-confidence because of stability
            The All on 4 process is wonderful as the implant supported teeth are stable in the mouth allowing you to chew a variety of foods without worrying about your dentures falling out. Not only does it help when eating, but also when speaking.

3.  You can have your smile back
            Dr. Strutz suggests, "the All on 4 process can give you back the smile of your youth. The upper dentures are palate-less, allowing you to enjoy foods and giving you the appearance of your natural teeth."

Saturday, April 18, 2015

4 Reasons Why A White Smile Is Better

  1. People judge you on your smile
Like it or not, a first impression is made in the first seven seconds someone sees you. If you are interviewing for a job or meeting your soul mate, that first impression can impact the decisions that are made. A healthy white smile allows people to focus on what matters and not judge you for your dental habits. 
2. Improves job opportunities 
Individuals in the work force believe that individuals who have a healthy white smile take care of themselves and care for their appearance. In food industries and other customer service positions where you are in front of customers, the healthier your smile is the more opportunities you’ll have come your way. After all, your smile is the first item a customer sees when you are behind a counter. 
3. Improves confidence 
A white bright smile improves your self-confidence because everywhere you go you’ll want to share it with others. Smiling can boost serotonin levels and improves your overall mood, which increases the amount of smiling you do. 
4. Improves social life 
People want to be around other happy people. If you smile it invites others to join you. The longer you smile, the more people will gravitate towards you and want to be a part of your life.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

3 Ways Fixed Dental Bridges Differ From Dental Implants

Dental bridges and dental implants are two options for replacing missing teeth and fixing and improving your smile. “With so much information out there, we wanted to provide you with the facts so that you can make the most informed decision about your dental care,” says Dr. Judith Strutz. 
  1. A fixed dental bridge replaces one tooth, but impacts two others
A dental bridge can replace a missing tooth which helps improve the cosmetic look of your smile. The bridge is attached to teeth on either side of the missing tooth in order to hold a replacement tooth in place.  An implant is placed in the space where the lost tooth was and a single crown will be used to complete the treatment.
2. When the crown on an implant fails – porcelain chips or cracks, etc you replace one crown, a fixed bridge means fixing three teeth. 
While we never expect it, sometimes porcelain chips or cracks and a crown may need to be replaced. Even though you have one absent tooth, when a bridge is done it will mean redoing all three teeth to repair the missing porcelain. A dental implant, on the other hand, fuses to the jawbone and if there is failure, many times the crown can be easily unscrewed from the implant and a new crown created.
3. An implant is flossed exactly like a tooth. A bridge requires a bit more dexterity. 
Dr. Judith Strutz recommends, “If you struggle to floss your teeth, a bridge may not be the best option for you.” A bridge requires you to maneuver between an appliance, while an implant acts and feels like a regular tooth.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Pretty Smile Is Your Best Smile

Decayed teeth and a bacteria ridden mouth are not pretty. Instead listen to the recommendations of your dentist and brush and floss daily. Brushing and flossing are designed to keep you healthy, and at the same time to keep your smile at its best. “Too often we see young people who cover their mouths with their hands because they are embarrassed by the damage soda or other harmful substances has caused,” says Dr. Judy Strutz. And how can anyone smile with confidence when they have stained teeth, receding gums due to disease?
Your smile matters, not just because it looks better, but it also brightens your mood and makes you someone others are attracted to. The more you smile, the happier you become. “The happier you are, the more likely you are to receive the things in life you want," adds Dr. Judith Strutz.  
Whether you are interviewing for a job, talking to a friend or hanging out with loved ones, you don’t want to be held back because you’re embarrassed by your smile. A white healthy smile isn’t only about cosmetics though - a healthy mouth means increased energy levels, the ability to eat whole foods, and a reduced risk of many systemic diseases. 
Addressing tooth damage early is the best way to reduce cost, and get the best result. But it isn’t the only way to improve your dental health and your smile. Cut out dark coffees and teas to limit staining of teeth - an in-office or home whitening system can help.  Limit or eliminate soda from your diet. And if you do drink soda – use a straw. Between meals chew Xylitol gum to help reduce acids in the mouth and increase saliva flow. Drink lots of water. If you suffer with cracked, chipped or missing teeth, many times these can be fixed using a variety of options.

Remember, “Smile and the world smiles with you.”   

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Top 7 Tips From Your Prosthodontist

Your prosthodontist is not only your friend and your dental specialist, they are there to look out for you and ensure you’re being provided with the best care possible. By following these seven tips, she will ensure you have the smile you deserve.

1. See your dentist as recommended - there is a reason this is so important. “Your dentist can detect decay and disease early, long before it becomes a problem,” says Dr. Judy Strutz.

2. There cannot be enough said about brushing and flossing regularly.

3. Decay is dangerous to your teeth - remove it immediately. Decay does not get better on its own, it only does more damage to your teeth and gums.

4. When a tooth cannot be saved for whatever reason, ask about how the tooth can be replaced to keep bone levels healthy. In order for your jawbone to continue to be as strong as it can, it needs to have stimulation – this generally means a dental implant.. 

5. When it comes to dentures or more full mouth procedures, do yourself a favor and consult a prosthodontist - they are specifically trained for this purpose.

6. If you notice dental wear see your dentist and ask what can be done. Many times tooth colored fillings can help save your smile.

7. The way your teeth fit together is extremely important to your overall health as it determines the foods you can eat. If you feel that you are unable to eat the foods you love or that can keep you healthy, it is time to consult your dentist to determine what can be done.

Dr. Strutz suggests, “Don’t wait for a major problem when you can fix a minor one.”

Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Smile Flawless?

The perfect smile is something that every individual determines, but here are some things you can do to increase your smile's impact. 

1. Whiten your teeth. Dr. Judy Strtuz says, “There are multiple options out there for whitening your teeth, unfortunately, not all of them are good or work properly.” You’ll want to ensure you stick with a reputable product. Ask Dr. Strutz & her team if you have questions about a whitening product. 

2. Consider tissue reshaping because your gums are similar to a frame around a piece of art. 
Reshaping the tissue around your gums can help to create the smile you are looking for. If your gums are covering a majority of the tooth, or you have had some natural gum recession it can help even out the area. 

3. Remove plaque by having an extensive cleaning done. Plaque can lead to decay and will cause your teeth and smile to look dirty and unnaturally gross and unhealthy. 

4. “Wear a night guard if you find you clench or grind, and reduce your chances of having chipped or broken teeth due to grinding,” suggests Prosthodontist, Dr. Strutz. This can help protect the natural shape of your teeth and ensure a long lasting smile. 

5. Brush, floss and see your dentist because there is no substitute for taking great care of your teeth.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Options To Fix Chipped Teeth

Don’t live with broken or chipped teeth. No more telling yourself it’s okay or that you have to live with it because you have no options. Here are four easy tips to fixing that chipped tooth you have. 

  1. Smooth the jagged edge
a. “This is the easiest and most cost efficient option,” suggests Dr. Judy Strutz. “While this is not always possible depending on how bad, the tooth is damaged it is definitely something to look into.”

2. Place a veneer
a. Veneers are a beautiful tooth like covering that goes over your normal tooth. When done, your tooth will look and feel like a natural tooth and will restore your smile to one that stuns them all. Veneers are an option that is available even if you have damaged multiple teeth. 

3. Place a tooth-colored filling - tooth colored 
a. A tooth colored filling can also be an option. This depends on the location of the chipped tooth and how big the chip is. This can restore the function of your tooth by filling in the cracked area. 

4. A crown 

a. A crown will not only restore your smile to its natural state, it will also allow you to consume foods you may have been prohibited from devouring due to a chipped tooth. Crowns cover the entire tooth, and will help to ensure the strength of your tooth. 
For more information on which choice will best fit your needs, contact Dr. Judith Strutz & her team today.