Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trauma To Your Mouth Doesn’t Have To Be The End

4 Cosmetic Restorations That Can Restore Your Smile

A car or ice hockey accident doesn’t change the fact that restoring your smile is a top priority for Dr. Judy Strutz and her team. Major accidents to the body and mouth can leave you feeling devastated with a constant reminder of what you have experienced. You do not have to live with the injuries for one more day because you have options. 

Dental implants can be a fantastic solution to fixing your smile if you have several missing teeth. Dental implants can be implanted into the jawbone to restore normal function of your smile. They act and look like your natural teeth. By having implants placed, you’ll help restore the sagging facial look of missing teeth. 

A crown can be placed over a broken tooth. They are very stable and easily restore the beauty of your smile. A crown is usually constructed of porcelain, and best of all, a crown will allow you to eat foods you ate prior to any damage. 

Veneers can be placed over teeth if they are chipped or minimally broken. Veneers are attached to your existing front teeth and look as natural as the smile you had prior. When you have veneers, you’ll need to brush and floss regularly. 

 If you have multiple teeth that are missing, another alternative option is a bridge. Bridges need to be attached to other teeth in order to stabilize them. They can be porcelain or ceramic and are created based on what is best for your smile. A bridge can last a long time when it is taken care of. 

You deserve a youthful smile that lasts, take time to get your smile restored and start living the life you deserve.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3 Differences Between Snoring & Sleep Apnea

It can be easy with all the research about sleep apnea to believe you have a chronic disorder that could lead to losing your job, exhaustion or death. Get the facts because there is a difference between snoring and sleep apnea. The American Sleep Association reports, 90 million Americans suffer from snoring activity,” but almost half of that number are individuals whom suffer from just snoring. So what does Dr. Judith Strutz, a sleep dentist recommend? Read further to find out the difference between the two. 

The biggest difference between the two is the way you feel the ensuing morning. Individuals who suffer from sleep apnea will feel exhausted the subsequent day. When you wake up in the morning, if you just snore, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day. If you suffer from sleep apnea, your body wakes up several times throughout the night in order to get air. This will leave you feeling tired and unrested the next day. It is recommended you keep a sleep diary gathering more data on how you are feeling. 

Sleep apnea causes loud, regular snoring while snoring can be quiet and may not occur every evening. Sleep apnea occurs because your breathing is cut off for several seconds, and your body has to wake up in order to alert you to breath. 
 If you choke during the night, it may be a sign of sleep apnea. The choking and gasping are your body’s way of attempting to catch your breath. If you think, you have sleep apnea, contact Dr. Judith Strtuz & her team today for support.   

Friday, August 21, 2015

Change Your Oral Health With Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile riddled with tooth decay, missing or broken teeth may not leave you with a desire to take care of your mouth. However, improving your oral health through cosmetic procedures can leave you with a desire to take care of your smile in the future. Improving your smile with cosmetics can restore your smile to the beautiful and youthful look you once had. 

Veneers are a fantastic option if you have several teeth that are chipped or stained especially in the front of your mouth. Veneers cover your other teeth, allowing you a natural-looking smile. Once they are placed over the front of your teeth, they act and feel like real teeth. This can also decrease the  space or gaps located between your teeth. 

Implants can replace any nonexistent teeth. Depending on how the overall bone structure in your jaw is or the strength of teeth next to the absent tooth, Dr. Judith Strutz can determine which type of implant will best restore your smile. In order for the jawbone to remain robust, it requires stimulation. If you are missing teeth, the jawbone will be unable to get the stimulation it needs to remain durable. This means that replacing missing teeth can prevent further damage from being done to your mouth. 

While the purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the look of your smile, it is also done to improve your overall oral health. Maybe it’s time for you to get back that youthful and healthy look.  
Contact Dr. Strutz & her team today for an appointment.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sleep Apnea & Your Prosthodontist Can Change Your Life

Your first thought may not be, “I need a prosthodontist,” when you wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. But perhaps it should be. Dr.Judith Strutz and her team have been working to give patients back their lives for years, focusing on teeth and health and also when they suffer from sleep apnea. After an initial consultation, exam and discussion, together you and Dr. Strutz can create a plan that will change how you sleep and give you back your rest at night. 

Without sleep your life can take a drastic downward turn. Unfortunately, quality sleep is necessary for you to live a healthy, happy life. Sleep not only impacts the way you attitude overall, lack of sleep can negatively impact how your body’s organs function. Lack of quality sleep can contribute to aches and pains in the body. It can decrease your body’s, natural healing processes, which can cause you to feel achy all over, and it can put increased pressure on your heart and lungs. 
Years ago, the only options that were available were noisy machines that were uncomfortable. Now we know that many times dental appliances can be placed in the mouth to help reposition the tongue.  
 This repositioning of the tongue will prevent it from falling to the back of the throat and cutting off the airway. While there are more than 80 different types of appliances that can be created for this purpose, one of the important reasons to visit Dr. Strutz and her team, is to get the one dental device that fits correctly in your mouth, will reposition the tongue well and be the most comfortable. “Because we know that if it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it. And wearing it can save your life,” says Dr. Strutz.  

A dental device can restore your sleep pattern to a restful night’s sleep and change your life for the better. For more information contact Dr. Strutz & her team today.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery Can Restore Your Smile

Life can damage your beautiful smile throughout the years. While you may have had a white, healthy smile once, as the years go on your teeth can become stained by coffee, loose due to periodontal disease, or cracked in an accident. You may have not been able to fix your smile or thought no one would be able to help you. This is not the case. Dr. Judith Strutz and her team are equipped to repair and return your smile to its healthier and more youthful version.

Veneers are great if you have multiple teeth that have been impacted over time. It may be your best option in that they look and feel like your own teeth. After treatment, keep in mind that you will need to brush and floss them like you would your other teeth.

Fixed bridges can restore missing teeth. Fixed bridges work when there are teeth the bridge can be attached to. While this can be a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, the natural teeth must be kept healthy or periodontal disease can develop.

It is critical to fix missing or cracked teeth. The jawbone can be negatively impacted if there are not constant options for bone growth. In order for the bone to be stimulated and grow, the movement of teeth grinding food together must happen. The other challenge with missing teeth is that your other teeth may shift, causing bite problems.

Dr. Strutz and her team can provide you with a smile that is beautiful and can last a lifetime. Make your appointment today, because you’re worth it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sleep Apnea In Women

As a woman it can be embarrassing to snore or be impacted by symptoms of sleep apnea. You may feel tired, struggle to stay awake in the afternoon, or be viewed negatively by not moving up in your job due to a lack of focus. Please know that no matter what is causing your troubles, you have options.

Dr. Judith Strutz, will begin the process by completing an exam and evaluate the cause behind your sleep apnea, and then together you will come up with a plan that can help increase your opportunity for a restful night’s sleep.

It will be critically important during this process, with Dr. Strutz, to be honest. While some patients may respond best to a c-pap device, others can be effectively treated using an oral appliance – or you maybe someone who could benefit from using both devices simultaneously.

Individuals, especially those who are impacted by mild sleep apnea symptoms, may find a dental appliance truly makes a world of difference. Don’t let sleep deprivation control your future, get help today. A visit to Dr.Judith Strutz, may reveal your best options are easier than you think.

Friday, August 7, 2015

It’s Never To Late To Get The Smile You Love

You may hear the word cosmetic dentistry or cosmetics and immediately think it is a waste of time. You may even think to yourself that your dentist is just trying to take more of your money. Cosmetic dentistry is about more than just a pretty smile. Broken and cracked teeth can impact your body, your job and your self-confidence.

Individuals only have seven short seconds to make a first impression. If your smile is riddled with broken or cracked teeth, you may find yourself passed over time and time again for that promotion you are qualified for. “Individuals who struggle to move up in their job not only suffer from higher levels of depression, they may also be impacted by money problems that can lead to relationship problems,” says Dr.Judith Strutz.

Nutrition is critical to the overall success and health of your body. Everything you eat can benefit your body. Individuals who are impacted by broken teeth may change which foods they eat due to the pain it causes at meals.  You may experience a drop in your overall energy, and general health, as well as chronic jaw pain if the issue is not taken care of.

Some cosmetic procedures are completed to whiten and brighten your smile, which helps with the overall look, while veneers and other similar procedures are created to fix your smile using a more permanent solution.

                                   Contact Dr. Strutz & her team today for a comprehensive exam.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

4 Tips & Tricks To Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is nothing to mess around with, as your body is sucking in air multiple times throughout the evening as you stop breathing. "While you may think snoring is no big deal and that your sleep apnea is not impacting you, you might be very mislead," says Dr. Judy Strutz. Not only is the lack of sleep potentially breaking down the health of your body, it can also impact your relationship as well. Here are some tips to help you get the sleep you need:

Sleep with your head propped up. Sleeping on your back with a soft pillow can make the problem worse. Try sleeping with a pillow that props you in such a way that the throat says open.

Losing weight can sometimes help with sleep apnea. Not everyone with sleep apnea is overweight, but if you are impacted by slow metabolism and weight gain, losing a few pounds can decrease the effects of sleep apnea.

Quit smoking. Smoking has been found to exacerbate the symptoms of sleep apnea for some individuals. If you can take your last inhale not only will your lungs thank-you, but you can decrease the impact of a restless night’s sleep.

If you snore or suspect that you have sleep apnea, it is recommended that you schedule a visit with Dr. Strutz and her team so you can begin the process of evaluating whether you are a candidate for a snore guard, or other sleep appliance. There are multiple options besides a C-pap machine, these days, that can help open up the airway.

You don’t have to continue to suffer in silence. New dental appliances and other options are available to help.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Rob You

Restful and restorative sleep is necessary in order to carry on a healthy and active lifestyle. "Sleep apnea can rob you of not only happiness, but it can take away your opportunities at work, reduce your patience with your children and reek havoc on your body," suggests Dr. Judy Strutz.

Sleep apnea can impact your judgment and increase your risk of type two diabetes. When you wake up several times throughout the night in order to breath, your brain must kick into overdrive. Dr. Strutz says, "your body needs to reach rem sleep and stay there on average for 30% of your sleep time in order to restore the body." If you are getting enough sleep each night, youll wake up feeling excited, energized and ready for your day.

Sleep apnea disturbs the bodies ability to enter rem sleep. While you are snoozing away and attempting to soak in every second of sleep you can, your body is actually waking you up in order to stay alive.  Just one hour of poor sleep begins to break the body down. Organs begin to struggle to work at a greater capacity in order to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Sleep apnea can be corrected by your cosmetic prosthodontist, allowing you and your spouse to enjoy a better and healthier life.