Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are You Embarrassed By Your Dentures?

Non-fixed dentures can begin to ruin your social life. Do you feel embarrassed when you go out to eat? Not sure if they are going to fall out during dessert or when you are walking to your car?

Do you hide your smile or shy away from social situations because of your dentures? Well now is your time to take back your life and get back in the game. Don’t let non-fixed dentures control your life. You have an option.

Fixed dentures can provide you with an amazing smile that you will feel comfortable sharing with the world. They are secured to implants into your jaw bone so that when you smile they stay comfortably in place. No more worrying about eating steak, or other harder foods, because fixed dentures will stay in place and keep your smile looking healthy.

Fixed dentures remove the pressure from your gums and instead help to strengthen them. With non-fixed dentures they constantly push down on your gums causing bone damage over time, while fixed dentures are supported by implants in the jaw bone and will help to stimulate bone growth.

Fixed dentures can improve your health. Over time non-fixed dentures can cause you to not consume essential food that helps keep you healthy. Fixed dentures allow you to enjoy the foods you once loved.

For more information on fixed dentures or to schedule your appointment, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team today.

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