Thursday, November 6, 2014

Frenum And Your Infant

Laser surgery can be done on a young infant if they have a maxillary frenum in order to help alleviate the problems that they cause. A frenum is a muscle that is thicker than it should be and attaches to either the upper gums or the lower tongue to the floor of the mouth. When an infant is born with tongue-tie or a frenum, surgery may be necessary.

The surgery can be completed by prosthodontist, Dr. JudithStrutz, using laser technology.  It is a relatively routine procedure and can be done upon an infant that is only a few short days old. Dr. Strutz will have you hold your baby close, she’ll numb the area and then delicately use the laser to remove the thick skin. Usually infants that are struggling to nurse before the surgery are able to eat almost directly after the surgery.

For an infant, a maxillary frenum can impact how a baby latches on when they are nursing. “A baby unable to latch on correctly can cause them to not receive the nutrition that they need. Also a breastfeeding mother can become sore from the child not latching on correctly,” says Dr.Strutz.   The area corrected by the laser procedure may be sore for a few days but should heal rather quickly. Your child may be a little drowsy, but should recover quickly.   When a laser is used the recovery time is shorter and sutures are not required. To learn more, call our office.

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