Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Laser Surgery and Frenums

Laser surgeries are more common in dentistry, and there are a number of procedures that can be completed now. Dr. Judith Strutz now performs laser surgery to correct Lip and/or Tongue-Ties.

There are two types of frenum ties and each one impacts the individual differently depending on the thickness of the skin, the location, and your age.

Tongue-tie, otherwise known as a lingual frenum, is a condition where the muscle inside the mouth and under the tongue is thicker than it is supposed to be. This extra skin may attach between the bottom lower teeth and make it difficult for you to say certain sounds because you are unable to stick or position your tongue correctly to make the right sounds. It may also be painful to eat and you may have difficulty removing food particles from your teeth with your tongue.  

A maxillary frenum is when the thicker skin on the outside of the teeth attaches to the inside of the lips.  An individual that is impacted with this type of frenum may struggle with saying particular speech sounds, eating maybe difficult and, depending on the thickness of the skin, it may push a gap between the two front teeth causing other dental concerns.

The surgery for tongue-tie used to be completed by a midwife that had a sharp nail and would cut the frenum when a baby was born as frenums can prohibit a breastfeeding mother to be successful. However, lucky for us technology has advanced where a special laser can be used to fix either type of frenum easily and quickly. Call Dr. Judith Strtuz today to learn more.

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