Wednesday, February 18, 2015

4 Tips to Fixing Occlusal Wear

Keeping your smile at its best means doing some basic things like brushing and flossing and seeing your cosmetic dentist on a regular basis. It may also mean watching for the signs of occlusal wear and taking steps to protect your beautiful smile.

1. Wear an occlusal guard if you brut, clench or grind your teeth.

            a. Wear on your occlusal surfaces can happen slowly over time. If you are feeling sensitivity or your teeth are beginning to wear down due to grinding or bruxism it is recommended you wear a night guard. "The dentist in two simple visits can fit you for an appliance which will have you feeling like your old self in no time," Dr. Judith Strutz.

2. When nerve tissue is impacted, crowns may be needed to replace tooth structure
            a. Unfortunately over time, you can begin to wear down the crowns of your teeth from continual use. If you begin to feel sensitivity it is recommended you be assessed to determine what steps can be taken to fix or restore your tooth structure. This can be a problem that leads to a more serious problem. It is important to take care of any discomfort right away.
3. Many times tooth colored fillings can be placed to restore the tooth's natural shape
            a.  Many times there is an option for colored fillings in order to restore the tooth’s shape and so your smile looks natural and has a white and polished look to it.

   4. Sometimes occlusal wear is due to bite issues that an occlusal analysis can correct
            a. Our bite is critically important to our teeth. You may find that you are wearing down your teeth or are cracking or breaking teeth due to your bite being off. If this problem lasts too long, you may find that you begin to develop jaw trouble or more serious problems.

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