Thursday, February 26, 2015

4 Ways Saliva Helps Your Smile!

We have all heard how important it is to drink water for body health. Here's why it's important for your smile too.

1.     Being hydrated keeps saliva flow going.
"Saliva is necessary to keep oral health in tip-top shape as it provides natural cleansing for your mouth," says Dr. Judith Strutz.

2.     Saliva means less debris and particles will stick to teeth and cause decay.
         a. Water is not only an important source for your body, it is fantastic for your smile. Saliva helps to remove food particles from your teeth in between brushing. Food that stays on your teeth causes buildup, which can cause cavities or decay. Less debris also means a brighter, whiter smile.

3.     More saliva also reduces bacteria that can cause periodontal disease.
         a. Periodontal disease is caused from the buildup of bacteria that cause inflammation and bleeding around your gums . The more water you consume, the more saliva you produce, and the salvia then washes food and other particles from the teeth, decreasing the amount of bacteria that stays stuck to your teeth for long periods of time.
4.     Hydrated gum tissue looks and feels better
         a. Water ensures your gums look and feel healthy. As your mouth dries out, your gums begin to stick to your lips becoming uncomfortable. Water helps reduce this problem and allows your mouth and teeth to function in the proper manner, and gives you that beautiful cosmetically appealing smile that we all want.       

So drink up!

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