Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Breastfeeding & The Impact Of Tongue Tie

Breastfeeding is an amazing opportunity for moms to take care of their baby. It can be more than just eating. Breastfeeding is a way to build a strong, safe and loving bond from the early days of life. It can help you to feel a strong connection to your child and for them to know they are always going to be taken care of and loved.

While your body, as a new mom, is ready to feed and nourish her, sometimes it’s not as easy as just your baby latching on and eating. Dr.Strutz says, “A tongue-tie or lip tie can cause problems for both you and your child.”  Milk production is based on supply and demand. Latch problems can negatively impact your infant when they are attempting to eat.

An improper latch on the nipple can cause your little one to attempt to eat but not be able to get enough milk. They may latch onto the side of the breast, or sometimes hold loosely onto the nipple, sucking. This can cause the nipple to become sore and chapped. While your infant holding onto the side of the breast can cause lesions, rough skin and an inability to produce the amount of milk you need for them to sustain a healthy weight.

For more information on lip and tongue-ties contact Dr. Judy Strutz & her team.

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