Friday, November 20, 2015

Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Smile

Everyone deserves to treat him or herself now and again. We work hard throughout the year providing for the family, the kids, your employer, but now is the time to keep your needs in mind as well. The end of the year is coming to a close and with that you may lose some of your insurance benefits. Don’t end the year with a smile you don’t love. This holiday get a consult and determine the best course of action to restore your smile and be picture perfect ready.

Money is sometimes tight during the holidays, and that is why this gift is so incredible. You have insurance benefits you have already paid for but may not have used. Now is the time to use them. “There are certain restorative procedures that can be completed,” says Dr. Judy Strutz, “that restore your smile, but that are covered by insurance.”

Implants, bridges, and crowns are all procedures that can be completed to restore your smile. It is never too late to get your healthy smile back and to regain the function of your teeth.  Depending on the strength of your jaw, how many teeth you are missing, or the look of your natural teeth, there are plenty of options.
We know how important your smile is during the holiday photos. Contact Dr. Strutz and her team today for more information.

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