Friday, April 15, 2016

Did You Know?

Tongue Tie Can Impact Your Baby’s Emotional Health.

While pediatricians, dentists and parents have begun to really evaluate the impact that tongue-tie has on breastfeeding, we now know that tongue tie can also impact your baby’s emotional health? Babies are born with a need to eat and suckle and Dr. Strutz suggests, “As they search for the breast in order to latch on, they are also looking for emotional security that is provided through breastfeeding.”

But babies who are not able to gain access to their mother and get the comfort they need can become more stressed and frustrated. This level of frustration can then impact the overall stress level of the mother. Once the baby begins to have difficulty when attempting to breastfeed, the milk production of a mother can decrease as well, causing the mother to become stressed, and the cycle continues. The baby tries to feed, they are unable, they become stressed, you, as a new mom become even more stressed, and milk production decreases.

To stop the cycle, a laser tongue-tie procedure may be just what is needed to help to fix the tongue and improve your baby’s ability to successfully breastfeed. Contact Dr. Judy Strutz & her team today for more help.

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