Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dangers Of A Cracked Tooth

It may seem that you have been living with a cracked tooth for a while, sensitivity when you bite down, sensitivity for brief moments when you drink something cold, and so there may be a feeling that there is no reason to get it fixed, however, there are several problems that can arise from a cracked tooth that is left untreated. Research shows that most people often do not believe this is a dental emergency and just put up with the minor pain. Overtime the nerve can become vulnerable and die. Once this occurs, there can be pressure due to pus that comes out of the tooth causing severe pain.
If continued to be untreated this can lead to a not being able to save the tooth. Individuals who lose one tooth are more likely to lose another tooth shortly after. Tooth loss can lead to problems with consuming foods you enjoy, gum detrition and a decrease in self-confidence. It can also lead to blood infection, bone infection and a life-threatening blood clot.

While it does not take a long time to take care of this problem, ignoring it can require not only time, but a lot more money to get your smile back to healthy.

For more information on options for a cracked tooth, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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