Monday, September 4, 2017

Does Your Child Protect Their Entire Mouth From Bacteria?

There are bacteria that stays in your child’s mouth all the time. You may think that if they are brushing and flossing that is enough. Unfortunately, there are bacteria around the gum line, on their tongue, and on their cheeks. Just brushing and flossing their teeth is fantastic, but your child will need to do more than that if they are going to have a healthy smile.  Here are 3 tips from Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team on how to keep your child’s smile healthy.

1.     Brush the tongue. There are bacteria that live on the tongue and if your child does not brush their tongue the bacteria can increase and build up causing bad breath, decay and other dental problems.
2.     Have them utilize floss that works for them. Flossing can be a difficult task, so you want to ensure they are able to floss all of their teeth. They also need to be able to floss their back teeth as it is easy for bacteria and food to build up on the back teeth causing a problem.
3.     When they are old enough, have them use mouth wash. This will rinse some of the bacteria not only from the surface of their teeth, but from the rest of their mouth as well.

While there are always bacteria in the mouth, preventing it from being an excessive amount can improve your child’s dental health. For more information, contact Dr. Cameron Fuller and his team.

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