Friday, September 1, 2017

Why Temporary Implants Can Slow You Down

Traditional dentures and partials for missing teeth may have been the way to go a few years ago, but with the technology available for fixed appliances you can now safely leave your removable dentures to the wind.  Not only do traditional dentures take a ton of time, they could be expensive when you needed to replace them often due to misplacing them.

No more. Fixed dentures, once placed, do not need to be taken out, rinsed, or replaced. You can treat them as your real teeth. This means you are able to consume the food you love, or enjoy the motorcycle ride you have wanted to take, all without having to worry about losing your teeth.

Traditional dentures sometimes take months to get the right fit. This may leave you going back into the office a number of times in order to have the dentures work for you. With fixed dentures, this process is less hassle, with less visits to Dr. Strutz and a healthy smile you love as a final result.  Fixed dentures are anchored into the jaw-bone, alleviating the need for  denture adhesives.  This really is the best way to get the smile you deserve after you have been impacted by missing teeth.

For more information on fixed dentures, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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