Sunday, September 9, 2018

Love Your Smile From The Inside Out

Did you know that the health of your body is contingent on the health of your smile? By loving and taking care of your dental health, it can help keep your liver, heart and other organs working to their full capacity. It can be easy to take shortcuts with your dental health not realizing that over time not brushing and flossing actually is a contributing factor of heart disease.

Eating and consuming healthy foods is a great way to fuel your smile and your body. The water from the fruit and vegetables can rinse carbohydrates and sugar from your tooth enamel in between brushing and are essential for healthy bodies.

Spend time looking over the food that you are consuming. If they are high carbohydrate foods, plan ahead and either brush right after consuming them or avoid them altogether. While some carbohydrates are essential to fuel your brain, simple carbohydrates turn to high sugar foods.

While it can be easy in our day – to – day busyness to forget the importance of keeping our smile healthy, our teeth can last a lifetime without major dental procedures when we make the health of our smile a top priority.

For more information on healthy dental habits, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team!

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