Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Much Is Your Smile Worth?

Have you ever considered your inability to budget for your dental needs may be impacting your ability to move up the career ladder? Business leaders today agree your smile is one of the first factors that they, as potential employers, look at when they first meet you. If you have cracked or missing teeth they may view you through a negative lens that is difficult to contend with during the rest of the interview. “In fact, they may be so focused on your teeth they miss the important part, your resume,” suggests Dr. Judy Strutz.

While other dentists may have turned you away or made recommendations that only correct a certain tooth or problem, Dr. Strutz’s purpose is to build a long lasting smile that will give you not only better health, but also a fantastic first impression. She believes in building quality smiles with materials built to last.  With over twenty years in the dental field as a prosthodontist, she only works with labs that uphold the same standards as she does.  

When rebuilding your smile it is critical to find a person who will not cut corners. This holiday season give yourself the gift that will keep on giving to you all year long – the gift of investing in yourself and your smile

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