Thursday, December 18, 2014

Missing and Cracked Teeth Impact More Than Your Smile:

The way our teeth sit in our mouth impact how we say certain words. For example, if you have missing, chipped or cracked teeth you may find it difficult to stay certain sounds, which can be embarrassing as an adult, and it may be holding you back.

For example, the “th” sound is produced when your tongue is pressed up against the back of your front teeth. If those teeth are damaged it may come out as a “f” sound instead. So, not only is it not ascetically pleasing to have cracked and broken teeth it can be difficult for those around you to understand you.

While one cracked or missing tooth may not seem like a big deal the unfortunate part is that it can be a chain reaction. Once one tooth is lost the bone in that area is not stimulated enough. Without stimulation, bone loss on the jaw occurs, which then causes more missing teeth. Other teeth may also shift into the place of those missing teeth, which then impacts your jaw and can create extreme jaw pain.

With increased jaw pain you are less likely to eat the nutrient rich food you need to stay healthy. While you begin to crack and chip more teeth because your bite is off and your enamel is weakened from an improper bite. 

However, Dr. Judy Strutz, can restore your smile to a beautiful, fully functional smile.

Don’t wait to get help today.

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