Tuesday, December 9, 2014

No One Else Can Help Me!

Its the season of smiles, pictures and happiness, however you may not be feeling it. Embarrassed by your smile? Have you been to other dentists that have turned you away? Is jaw pain keeping you from enjoying some of your favorite holiday treats? Prosthodontist, Dr. Judy Strutz, may be able to restore your smile to a beautiful and healthy state that fixes the deep-rooted problem impacting your smile. 
So, what sets her apart from the others? She doesn’tt spend fifteen minutes with you on your first visit to her office. An assistant doesn’t relay your information to her.  Shes different because on your first visit Dr. Strutz is going to spend over an hour listening to you talk about your dental history and your smile. Shell ask you the tough questions and evaluate your entire health history. It doesn’t stop with a question or two about your teeth, or the one thing that is impacting your smile. She understands the importance of fixing all of the problems that negatively impact your teeth, your jaw, your bite and your smile.
For example, did you know that one cracked tooth could be a sign of more than just weak enamel? Dr. Judy Strutz does, she understands the importance of having an extensive oral exam that evaluates your entire mouth, because fixing one cracked tooth does nothing for you if your jaw is misaligned.  Placing a partial denture may work for some but not for others. Dr. Strutz takes the time to find out what is gong to provide the best dental work for you.

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