Monday, March 2, 2015

Jaw Pain-Attack It At The Source

Have you changed the foods that you’re consuming because it hurts to eat? Or are you suddenly at home in a quiet room, wash cloth on your head to get rid of that migraine that came out of nowhere again? Are you frustrated that you’re not getting the answers you need? "You may have what is called a malocculusion," suggests Dr. Judith Strutz, a prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist in San Bernardino, CA.

Malocclusion occurs when the body is working overtime to correct a problem in an environment that is broken. When your jaw is misaligned, or you have crowns or broken teeth that have changed your bite, it can cause your jaw to have to work harder in order to get the job done. This problem causes extreme wear and tear on your jaw because it is working overtime to break up food as you’re eating. You may be experiencing muscle spasms in the jaw that leave you in so much pain it makes concentrating difficult. 

But you don’t have to suffer one second longer because there are treatment options available to you that can help. Dr. Judith Strutz will start by doing a full examination of your mouth, jaw and teeth. She will evaluate where the problem is and what is causing your challenges. It may be multiple things and require several visits to get each of them corrected. However she’ll take the time that is necessary to alleviate your jaw trouble and get you back to feeling normal.

While its wonderful to have a beautiful smile, it's also important that all your teeth fit together correctly.

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