Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sleep Apnea In Men

Research by leading sleep centers found sleep apnea is more common in men than women and is made worse by individuals who are overweight.  Sleep apnea when undiagnosed can lead to falling asleep during the day; irritability, poor health habits and left untreated can cause death in some individuals. While C-pap machines can provide the necessarily oxygen you need, these machines are often bulky and cumbersome.

Dr. Strutz, "the most common type of sleep apnea is called, “obstructive sleep apnea.” While you are sleeping your airway collapses, cutting off oxygen to the brain." Your brain begins to fight for the oxygen it needs, and it will momentarily wake you up. Now that you are awake you will begin to suck in the air you so desperately need. Once oxygen has reached the brain you then fall back to a restless night sleep until the process begins again.

Over time this stress can cause damage to the heart and brain. When awake you may feel overly tired, your afternoon may be spent sucking down various caffeine drinks just to get through the day, only to head home at night and never reach the REM sleep that is necessary for a great night sleep.

While some individuals believe that sleep apnea cannot happen to them because they are fit and eat healthy. The unfortunate truth is that men who are in great shape can be impacted by this condition too. "You may run marathons, or exercise for an hour a day, but that does not matter," states Dr. Strutz. 

While for many sleep apnea requires a C-pap machine, some individuals can benefit greatly from an oral appliance. Dr. Strutz can evaluate you and get you on the right track to a healthier night’s sleep.

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