Friday, May 8, 2015

Women & Sleep Apnea

More men than women are diagnosed with sleep apnea every year, but women are not exempt from the negative effects of lack of sleep.  Sleep apnea can be treated with Dr. Strutz and her team. There are times where the alignment of the jaw or the size of the palate can cause you to have a restless night's sleep, but there are options other than wearing a loud c-pap machine that might help.

Dr. Judith Strutz says, "one possible option is an appliance you may wear at night when you sleep." The appliance should be custom fit by your experienced sleep dentist in order to not cause additional jaw problems. This process can take a few appointments as you want the device to fit appropriately. Once the device is custom created most individuals report they are very comfortable to wear.

The oral device is designed to reposition the jaw when sleeping in order to prevent it from moving to a position that closes off the airway. It can also help strengthen the tone of the tongue. Many times the tongue can be a culprit in cutting off the airway. The appliance helps keep even the strongest tongue in the correct position throughout your sleep cycle.

Sleep apnea is not something you should live. The dangers are too great. See your sleep dentist to get help now.

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