Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perfection Is Not Beyond Your Reach

Your smile may be an eyesore to you when you look in the mirror. Or do you cover your smile in selfies or family photos? Fixing your teeth to enhance your smile is not outside your options. There are multiple procedures you can have completed in order to improve your overall smile.  While it may not happen in a day, by having a full restorative exam, you and Dr. Strutz can prioritize which procedures you need or may want.

Dr. Judy Strutz recommends to patients to have their smile evaluated by having an exam. This will allow you and Dr. Strutz to come up with a game plan to improve your smile.  Each procedure will be mapped out in order for you to know exactly what is going to happen during the procedure, before or after treatment and how many procedures will be necessary before your new smile is complete.   

Sometimes multiple treatments may be recommended before your smile is fully restored to its original luster and look. Procedures such as bone grafting, veneers, and implants can restore your smile.  While these are just a few of the possible options, contact Dr. Strutz today for more.

            Restoring your smile can increase your self-confidence and restore your desire to share your smile with the world.  

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