Friday, June 26, 2015

3 Reasons Why Restoring Your Smile Shouldn’t Wait

Cosmetic dentistry may not seem important, but your smile can negatively impact your life beyond affecting your positive relationships with others and business opportunities. Dr. Judy Strutz, a prosthodontist practicing in San Bernardino, suggests, “Don’t wait to restore your smile until you have multiple problems that need to be fixed.” 
Your smile can be your greatest asset, but an unhealthy smile can decrease your energy level and overall health. Bacteria have been linked to negative health problems including heart disease, gum infection, bone loss and pain. The bad bacteria enter the blood stream through the gum tissue and have been recognized as having an impact on your other organs. 
 Time is precious. You don’t want to waste it not feeling at your best. Self-confidence can impact which jobs you apply for or the opportunities that come your way in business. You have less than seven seconds to make a great impression. If you cover your smile, or don’t smile, you may appear to potential employers as not having the winning attitude they want for their business. Happiness and confidence attract others with those same qualities. 
 The longer you wait the more money it may cost you. Once you lose one tooth it is common to lose several more within a few months. Dr. Strutz says, “Your jawbone is stimulated through chewing, if there are not teeth in a particular area, the jawbone may not have the same strength it had before.” Teeth may also shift into the location of the missing teeth. As this problem occurs, you may experience pain in the jaw that causes you problems when eating certain foods. 
Waiting can increase the pain, time and money you need to invest in order to restore your smile to the healthy, white one you once had.  

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