Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reconstructive Dentistry & What You Need To Know

            Your mouth is a complicated system of muscles, joints, hard bone, tissue, nerves and blood. In order to maintain your healthy lifestyle all of these must work together in perfect harmony. If you are impacted by an accident, oral cancer or other life situations, there is help.

            Reconstructive dentistry, completed by Dr. Judith Strutz, can help restore your mouth to the beautiful white, healthy smile you once had. Reconstructive dentistry isn’t only about restoring your smile to dazzle others; it’s about restoring your mouth to its full function allowing all parts to work together again. This type of dentistry is designed to correct any of the problems you are experiencing with your teeth, jaw, gums, tongue or any of the other parts of your mouth.

            With reconstructive dentistry, each patient is truly unique, which means a unique treatment plan will be developed for you. Dr. Strutz  will begin her assessment with a full exam where she will determine which parts of your mouth are in need of repair. Then together you will design the treatment plan that helps restore your smile and fits your budget. If you are affected by pain in the mouth, a jaw popping when you open and close, cracked or broken teeth, or have had significant mouth trauma or cancer, reconstructive dentistry may just be the way to get you back to health.  

For more information on reconstructive dentistry, call Dr. Strutz today.

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