Thursday, October 22, 2015

3 Negative Impacts Of a Maxillary Frenum On Your Baby

When your baby is born it can be difficult and stressful to wrap your mind around them having surgery. While some doctors may tell you that you can wait to have the surgery, or there is no reason to rush, waiting for your baby to have maxillary frenum surgery can negatively impact them especially as they get older. Dr. Judith Strutz, recommends "It is often better to have the surgery soon after they are born.”

1.    A frenum can impact your child's ability to put on weight. Babies lose about half of their weight after they are born and eating is critical for them to get their weight back up. If your baby struggles to latch on to the breast correctly, they can get air in their belly, which makes them think they are not hungry. Then just a few minutes later they can think they are hungry again. But never really get the amount of food they need.

2.    A baby needs about sixteen hours of sleep throughout the day. When they are not getting enough food to fill up their belly they may not sleep as much as they need, or they may wake up often crying to eat. Then they eat a little, go back to sleep and wake up just a few minutes later with a hungry belly to repeat this negative cycle all over again.

3.     A baby who is not sleeping and eating, can become restless and difficult to console. When it is more difficult to calm them down, it can increase the stress for both the parents and baby. This negative cycle can decrease your child’s ability to be happy and enjoy a calm atmosphere.

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