Saturday, October 3, 2015

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery can seem scary, especially when performed on your infant. While some dentists may recommend that you wait if your baby has a maxillary frenum, Dr. Judy Strutz recommends taking care of this early on. While initially your baby may be impacted negatively right away with decreased ability to eat correctly, as they get older their ability to speak correctly may also be impacted.

Children that enter school with a frenum may be unable to correctly pronounce certain sounds. If a child by the age of five is unable to pronounce certain sounds correctly they may never be able to say them quite right. Children can be teased or become frustrated when peers ask them to repeat what they are saying. 

Curriculum requirements mean that students are reading at earlier ages then years ago and are required to orally express their thoughts and understanding of problems.   Dr. Strutz states, “While they may struggle to correctly speak due to the thin piece of skin between their teeth, it can also decrease their self-esteem, causing them to speak in school less and less.” An inability to express their understanding of a problem has a tremendous impact on their overall educational opportunities and could impact them for years to come.
If your child has a frenum, now is the time to get it evaluated.

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