Saturday, October 24, 2015

4 Keys To Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years but recently has gained popularity in helping to restore the health of your smile. While a YouTube video or short twitter post can tell you how to oil pull, it is important to make sure you are utilizing care and caution. Ingesting oil during this process can decrease the positive impact on your smile.
1.     Utilize the correct oil. There are multiple types of oils that are recommended for use. Sunflower and coconut oil are the most popular. When choosing oil, you will want to ensure you have a 3:6 omega fat ratio - stay away from those with a 6:3 oil ratio.

2.     “Do not swallow the oil,” says Dr. Strutz. When you put the oil in your mouth, you will want to utilize a small enough amount where you can swish it around in your mouth for twenty minutes but not consume any.

3.     Oil pull at a consistent time. It is usually recommended you oil pull in the morning at the same time. This helps to create a healthy and consistent habit. It also helps to remove food from the teeth prior to brushing.

4.     Swish the oil around the entire mouth. It is called oil pulling because you want to be able to place the oil in your mouth, move it from side to side and around your teeth, in order to remove all of the possible food and bacteria from your mouth.

For more information on how to effectively oil pull, contact Dr.Strutz and her team today.

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  1. Now I know what to do with all the coconut oil I have! I'm going to try this!