Sunday, January 10, 2016

4 Ways To Improve Your Oral Health While You Sleep

When you sleep, your mouth is not free of the impact of decay and other problems.  There is a lot that is going on in your mouth when you’re resting, but you don’t have to wait until morning to try and minimize the damage done. Here are four tips from Dr. JudyStrutz that you can do at bedtime to protect your smile.

1.     The number one way to protect against bacteria and other problems with your smile is to brush before bed. If you have implants, a bridge or veneers it is very important that you brush before bed. Just because you have dental appliances doesn’t mean you are free from decay.
2.     Floss your teeth at bedtime. Any food you had for dinner can stick between the teeth if you do not take the time to floss.
3.     If you grind your teeth, get a device to help. There are multiple options for mouth guards these days and Dr. Strutz recommends you get a mouth guard that is custom fitted to your smile.
4.     Do not eat sweets right before bed. The extra sugar in your sweet treat can cause major problems for your smile. Don’t snack on sweets right before you are going to sleep, instead have a glass of water.

For more information on how to keep your smile the best it can be, contact Dr. Strutz & her team.

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