Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why Tongue And Lip Tie Often Go Unnoticed

It is unfortunate but research and new moms tell us that despite the information available on lip and tongue tie they sometimes go months without help. When they are struggling to breastfeed there may be other things that are suggested before someone determines it is not the mom or the baby that is causing this problem. That the baby may not able to breastfeed properly because they are impacted with a lip or tongue tie.

Being a new mom has its fair share of problems. When you are first breastfeeding it can be difficult to relax and allow your baby to latch on properly. Sometimes, breastfeeding takes time and work in order for both baby and mom to be comfortable. This adjustment period can be difficult and often times, when your struggling to breastfeed during these first few days, other problems are looked at first.

Lip and tongue tie, cause a problem for your baby to be able to latch on to the nipple properly. They may latch on to the side, or they may eat for a short period and then become full due to an intake in air, only to be hungry a few minutes later. When your baby is not latching on to your breast correctly, it can then lead to sore or bleeding nipples inhibiting the breastfeeding process further.

If you are breastfeeding and it is not going as planned, Dr.Strutz recommends having your baby evaluated for a lip or tongue tie in order to see if there is something more going on. For more information about lip and tongue tie laser procedures contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team today.

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