Sunday, October 16, 2016

3 Reasons You May Need An Inlay Restoration

Inlays provide a patient with a restored and cosmetically beautiful smile. Inlays can be utilized to save a tooth instead of using a crown or having to utilize silver or composite filling materials. Inlays are one of the strongest restorations your dentist can provide, but this doesn’t mean that in the future may not require replacement, but when taken care of, inlays can last a long time and give you the beautiful smile you are looking for. Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider an inlay restoration.
Broken or fractured teeth. If you have been in an accident which left your teeth cracked or broken an inlay may be able to restore the function of the tooth. This can help to give you back your ability to eat foods you enjoy and not be concerned about smiling for the next family photo. Decayed teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious when you meet people for the first time. Decay can be caused, but things such as the types of foods you consume, not brushing and flossing or not being able to visit the dentist regularly. No matter the reason, you should not have to wait years to have the smile you deserve. Inlays provide you with a healthy looking smile.
Fractured fillings can cause pain or sensitivity when consuming the foods you love. By having an inlay placed on the tooth it can restore your tooth to normal function. This allows you to go back to eating the foods you love without wincing in pain.

For more information on Inlay restorations or other cosmetic dental procedures that can improve the look and health of your smile, contact Dr. Judy Strtuz and her team today.

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