Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea is Not Just a Phase

You may think that a dental device for sleep apnea is the latest gimmick and that it couldn’t possibly work for you. You may even have spent years battling the impact of sleep apnea. If you have lost relationships, had trouble at work, feel tired all the time, and life seems to be slipping between your fingers, don’t wait one more day for a solution. Now is the time to get your life back in order. A dental device by Dr. Strutz and her team can be just the thing you need in order to get your sleep on track.

Sleep apnea does not just impact your ability to sleep, it can cause your body to struggle to lose weight, and you may feel groggy and under motivated throughout the day. Don’t keep telling yourself that a dental device could not possibly solve the severe sleep apnea that is taking minutes of your life away from you without getting an airway exam to determine if you might just be an excellent candidate. Oral sleep apnea devices fit comfortably in your mouth. They do not require electricity, nor do they keep your partner up at night. They are unique and fit comfortably in your mouth to open up your throat while you sleep.

For more information on how a dental device may be able to help you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Strutz and her team today!

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