Thursday, October 6, 2016

4 Signs of Sleep Apnea

While you may have heard many of the common symptoms of sleep apnea, such as feeling tired, snoring and falling asleep during the day even after you have a full night’s sleep. Here are 5 signs of sleep apnea you may not have heard about. While the only way you can officially be diagnosed with sleep apnea is to have a sleep study done – either at a sleep clinic or using a home sleep device. Here are 4 other signs you may have sleep apnea that you have not heard of before.

1.     Gasping or choking during the night. You may not know you are gasping for air unless your significant other wakes you up and tells you. But when you quit breathing due to your airway being blocked, your body will begin to gasp for the air it needs.
2.     Morning Headaches. While you may not have someone that wakes you up when you are gasping for air, if you wake up often with a morning headache, this can be a sign you are not getting enough oxygen throughout the night.
3.     Dry Mouth. When you struggle with sleep apnea, you usually breathe with your mouth open, causing dry mouth in the morning.
4.     Gummy feeling on your teeth from sleeping with your mouth open.

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