Monday, October 16, 2017

Your Teeth Are Important, Protect Them

Your teeth are critical not only for your overall look, but for your health. The habits we have over time can cause problems later on in life. Here are 5 habits that can cause damage to your teeth.

1.     Chewing on ice. Ice can cause cracks or chips in your teeth. While it may seem that this is a perfectly fine habit because ice is clear and made up of water, avoid this habit to keep your teeth in great shape.
2.     Only play sports with a mouth guard. Don’t risk the damage to your teeth.
3.     Avoid drinking milk at night. The lactose in the milk turns to sugar and can create cavities and decay.
4.     Avoid snacking on high sugar or carbohydrates. The longer that these foods stay on your teeth, the higher the risk of damage to your smile.
5.      Grinding teeth. While it is a sign of stress or other problems going on in your life, if you are grinding your teeth, talk to Dr. Strutz and her team for a mouth guard or a plan to stop grinding your teeth.

Your smile is so important and can last a lifetime if you take care of it. For more information on dental habits that can negatively hurt your smile, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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