Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do You Worry About Your Dental Health?

With so many stories in the news today of dental decay and periodontal disease causing major health problems, do you worry about your overall health? Now there is no reason to worry, because when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Judy Strutz and her team you are in great hands. They will begin with a dental consultation in order to determine what you think about your smile and what your concerns are. Next, is an in-depth look at what might be the underlining problem with your smile, through a thorough examination.

Once the problem or problems have been identified the next step is a quality treatment plan that puts you in the driver’s seat. Never will Dr. Strutz and her team push you into a procedure that doesn’t meet your needs. From start to finish of this process, you get to make decisions armed with the facts to improve your health and your smile.

There are so many different causes and factors that play a part in dental decay, periodontal disease and other dental problems that can impact your overall health, why take risks? When you need the facts Dr. Strutz and her team are there to help you understand the why behind your smile’s problems and the how to treat them.

For more information or to schedule your appointment today, contact Dr. Strutz and her team today!

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