Saturday, June 9, 2018

Defy the Odds

You may not have the smile that your next-door neighbor has, or you may have even unfortunately been made fun of growing up because your teeth were crooked, or because you had spaces between your teeth. Whatever the case may have been, that is not what you need to have now. It’s not just about the cosmetic look of your smile, it’s about the health. Did you know that people who have teeth that are close together are less likely to floss, which can lead to dental disease and other problems within your body?

It is essential that your smile live up to its potential because your entire body is dependent upon the health of your smile. If your mouth has bacteria and dental decay your entire body is fighting off that infection which can cause fatigue, heart trouble and various other health concerns.

Don’t waste another minute hiding your smile behind your lips or avoiding the truth that stares you in the face when you brush your teeth at night. Take a step in the direction of your health and defy the odds for your smile. You have a right to have the healthy smile that you deserve.

For more information on healthy smiles and cosmetic options, contact Dr. Judy Strutz and her team.

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