Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Letter from Your Smile to You

A recent dentist was asked, “What do you think my teeth would say if they could talk?” So, here’s a letter from your teeth to you,

Dear human, I know your life is so busy and you always assume I will be there for you, but unfortunately because you only spend quality time brushing two to three weeks before that crucial dental appointment and your flossing routine is even more sparse, I may not be able to stick around for long.
I remind you of your habits by causing you minor pain but even that doesn’t seem to change your habits or perceptive. I love you and it will be hard for you at first, but you must first repay me in better ways. This neglect I feel is causing me to bleed. Soon, it will be inflammation city and once that sets in, there will be a need for more serious smile fixes to get us back on track.
I see your pain and sadness when you hide me from the world and as you walk by the mirror. I want to be healthier for you but the sugar levels in the soda that you are consuming is so acidic and it is wearing me down. Take a deep breath today and get us back on track, by keeping your dental appointments and taking better care of me.

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