Friday, February 22, 2019

Do You Worry About Your Smile?

Do you worry that your smile is just not good enough? Do you look in the mirror and your teeth are crooked? Or do you think that your smile looks off and so you hide your smile behind your lips instead of sharing it with the world? It can be difficult when you do not have the smile you wish to have. Or when there are opportunities that you have been rejected from because you have missing teeth and the unfortunate reality is that people today are judged because of their smile.

Employers rate a smile as being one of the top 10 things they consider when hiring someone. But there is help available. Now more than ever it is the time for you to ask for help in making your smile beautiful. Dentistry today is different then dentistry five years ago.  The technology available for you to have a winning smile that takes you into the next opportunity is readily available. We love helping patients get the smile they deserve.

Prosthodontics allows for an improved smile that can take you into your future career. If you have questions, concerns or feel your smile could use a makeover, call Dr. Judy Strutz and schedule your appointment today.

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