Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad Dental Habits

Bad dental habits may have become as routine as waking up at the same time everyday. However, over time these bad habits may be damaging your smile and you may not even realize it. While Dr. Judith Strutz can fix broken and chipped teeth, she recommends taking care of the first set in order to not need these services later on in life.  Take the short quiz below to see if you are putting your smile at risk.

1.     Do you brush and floss twice a day?

2.     Do you chew on pens?

3.     Do you use your teeth to open items?

4.     Do you chew on other items that are not food? (For example, hair, fabric, sticks)

5.     Do you chew ice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are putting your teeth in danger. While brushing and flossing removes bacteria from your teeth when not done on a routine basis, the enamel becomes damaged and deep pockets in the gum tissue may begin to develop. This process is the beginning stage of periodontal disease.

Chewing on pens or other non-food items can cause small fractures in your teeth. You are then more susceptible to fractures as you have weakened the tooth enamel. Chewing on an object that is hard can also cause a chip in the tooth. Once, a chip occurs it can be costly to repair the damage.

“There is a special tool that can be used to open up items,” says Dr. Judy Strutz. “While it is convenient to use your teeth as a pair of scissors, it is not worth the risk.”  You can cause a divot in your teeth from the plastic that you are opening. Any type of damage to the enamel of your teeth leaves you at risk for further damage.

After you have finished that ice cold drink you may be tempted to chew on the remaining ice cubes, especially on those warm summer days. However, this habit could cost you a crown to fix the broken tooth. There are multiple reasons why someone may choose to chew ice, but in the end, it isn’t work the risk.

If you or someone you love answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s time to visit your dentist for a complete exam. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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