Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dentures & You

‘Dentures’ is a term that is thrown around a lot, especially in certain circumstances. Jokes about dentures falling out or being eaten by the dog are not new. However, secure and excellent fitting dentures are not made by accident, nor are they something to joke about. Dr. Judy Strutz, a Board Certified Prosthodontist in San Bernardino, California prides herself on taking the time to create dentures the right way. 

“Creating great looking and fitting dentures is a complicated procedure in that it requires multiple visits,” says Dr. Strutz. “There are also different types of dentures that can help rebuild your beautiful smile, and depending on which type you need or want, it will impact how long the procedure takes.”

From your first to your last visit with Dr. Strutz, her warm and friendly staff will greet you.  Your first visit will be an extensive exam that evaluates the health of your gums. “You do not want an appliance placed on gums that are infected,” says Dr. Strutz. “Treatment to control the infection might be the first step.” 

Once the exam is completed, and if your tissue is healthy, accurate impressions and measurements will be taken in order to allow for the proper fit of your dentures.  You may need to have several try-in appointments once they are created in order to ensure the right color, fit and shape. However, in the end you and Dr. Strutz will work together to build a beautiful, restorative smile that meets your needs.

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