Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Restore Your Occlusion:

Prosthodontist are able to complete a variety of restorations in order to get your mouth back in working order.   Prosthodontist attend dental school and then receive an extra years of specialized schooling. Dr. Strutz is a graduate of Loma Linda and provides extensive support to you as a patient prior to any procedure.  When you first visit her office, with a chipped tooth, doesn’t panic she will work with you to provide the best fit.

When you have chipped teeth it usually means that your bite is off. This can occur for multiple reasons. Your jaw may not be lining up correctly, so when you bite down your biting down on top of other teeth. Your jaw should be in a state of rest when your mouth is closed.

When fixing your chipped tooth, Dr. Judy Strutz, recommends first taking a look at your bite. If she spends time fixing your chipped tooth but your bite is still “off” as soon as you leave the office, your run the risk of chipping that tooth again.  The idea is to not just fix one tooth, but to assure your bite is correct as well.

Once, Dr. Strutz has completed a full exam and has determined the best course of action, she may be able to re-contour, readjust or perhaps bond the tooth.

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