Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bonding A Tooth

 If Dr. Strutz is going to use a bond to restore a chipped tooth, she will first analyze your entire smile. She believes in a comprehensive plan to fixing your teeth, not just solving one problem at a time without understanding the cause behind the problem. After the root cause is determined she will determine the best color choice for the bond. The purpose will be to match the color of the bond to the rest of your teeth as closely as possible.

Bonding material is a hard resin that attaches to the enamel of the teeth. An etching gel will be placed on the teeth first. This gel allows for the bond to better attach to the tooth.  Then, a dental resin is placed and then bonding material is placed on the tooth and the area is shaped. You may need a few layers depending on the size of the area being bonded. Throughout the process an ultraviolent light is used to harden the bonding material. Shaping of the bonded area is required in order to make sure the occlusion / bite is correct. For example, if you had too much bonding, it would need to be taken down some to protect your bite.

This process does not take long and shortly after Dr. Strutz will have you well on your way to impressing everyone with a fantastic, restored smile.

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