Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Smile Flawless?

The perfect smile is something that every individual determines, but here are some things you can do to increase your smile's impact. 

1. Whiten your teeth. Dr. Judy Strtuz says, “There are multiple options out there for whitening your teeth, unfortunately, not all of them are good or work properly.” You’ll want to ensure you stick with a reputable product. Ask Dr. Strutz & her team if you have questions about a whitening product. 

2. Consider tissue reshaping because your gums are similar to a frame around a piece of art. 
Reshaping the tissue around your gums can help to create the smile you are looking for. If your gums are covering a majority of the tooth, or you have had some natural gum recession it can help even out the area. 

3. Remove plaque by having an extensive cleaning done. Plaque can lead to decay and will cause your teeth and smile to look dirty and unnaturally gross and unhealthy. 

4. “Wear a night guard if you find you clench or grind, and reduce your chances of having chipped or broken teeth due to grinding,” suggests Prosthodontist, Dr. Strutz. This can help protect the natural shape of your teeth and ensure a long lasting smile. 

5. Brush, floss and see your dentist because there is no substitute for taking great care of your teeth.  

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