Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Options To Fix Chipped Teeth

Don’t live with broken or chipped teeth. No more telling yourself it’s okay or that you have to live with it because you have no options. Here are four easy tips to fixing that chipped tooth you have. 

  1. Smooth the jagged edge
a. “This is the easiest and most cost efficient option,” suggests Dr. Judy Strutz. “While this is not always possible depending on how bad, the tooth is damaged it is definitely something to look into.”

2. Place a veneer
a. Veneers are a beautiful tooth like covering that goes over your normal tooth. When done, your tooth will look and feel like a natural tooth and will restore your smile to one that stuns them all. Veneers are an option that is available even if you have damaged multiple teeth. 

3. Place a tooth-colored filling - tooth colored 
a. A tooth colored filling can also be an option. This depends on the location of the chipped tooth and how big the chip is. This can restore the function of your tooth by filling in the cracked area. 

4. A crown 

a. A crown will not only restore your smile to its natural state, it will also allow you to consume foods you may have been prohibited from devouring due to a chipped tooth. Crowns cover the entire tooth, and will help to ensure the strength of your tooth. 
For more information on which choice will best fit your needs, contact Dr. Judith Strutz & her team today. 

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