Thursday, April 9, 2015

Top 7 Tips From Your Prosthodontist

Your prosthodontist is not only your friend and your dental specialist, they are there to look out for you and ensure you’re being provided with the best care possible. By following these seven tips, she will ensure you have the smile you deserve.

1. See your dentist as recommended - there is a reason this is so important. “Your dentist can detect decay and disease early, long before it becomes a problem,” says Dr. Judy Strutz.

2. There cannot be enough said about brushing and flossing regularly.

3. Decay is dangerous to your teeth - remove it immediately. Decay does not get better on its own, it only does more damage to your teeth and gums.

4. When a tooth cannot be saved for whatever reason, ask about how the tooth can be replaced to keep bone levels healthy. In order for your jawbone to continue to be as strong as it can, it needs to have stimulation – this generally means a dental implant.. 

5. When it comes to dentures or more full mouth procedures, do yourself a favor and consult a prosthodontist - they are specifically trained for this purpose.

6. If you notice dental wear see your dentist and ask what can be done. Many times tooth colored fillings can help save your smile.

7. The way your teeth fit together is extremely important to your overall health as it determines the foods you can eat. If you feel that you are unable to eat the foods you love or that can keep you healthy, it is time to consult your dentist to determine what can be done.

Dr. Strutz suggests, “Don’t wait for a major problem when you can fix a minor one.”

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