Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Reasons Why All On 4 Dental Implants Are Your Best Option

            If you have missing teeth causing your mouth area to sag, we have a solution for you! All on 4 dental implants can help restore your smile and give your face its fullness back. Once your treatment is completed, you’ll be able to go back to eating and drinking foods you may not have been able to enjoy before. Here is what is so amazing about the All-on-4 process:
1. It can increase self-confidence through an improved smile
Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious foods, the All on 4 (AO4) process can improve the look of your smile increasing your self-confidence. Missing teeth can be embarrassing, causing you to attempt to hide your smile. As friends laugh and smile around you, you may be tempted to take the photos instead of being in the pics. A04 dental implants can restore your smile allowing you to break free from being embarrassed. "As you smile more to show off your amazing healthy teeth, it becomes an automatic self-confidence booster," says Dr. Judy Strutz.

2. It can increase self-confidence because of stability
            The All on 4 process is wonderful as the implant supported teeth are stable in the mouth allowing you to chew a variety of foods without worrying about your dentures falling out. Not only does it help when eating, but also when speaking.

3.  You can have your smile back
            Dr. Strutz suggests, "the All on 4 process can give you back the smile of your youth. The upper dentures are palate-less, allowing you to enjoy foods and giving you the appearance of your natural teeth."

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