Friday, September 18, 2015

4 Ways A Crown Can Improve Your Smile

Crowns are a great cosmetic solution to fix your smile. While you may have teeth that have been impacted by an accident, dental disease or decay, crowns can restore the tooth to its original shape and improve the overall look of your smile.

Dr. Judith Strutz suggests, "Crowns look and feel like your regular teeth." They can come in multiple colors, depending on your preference, and be made of different materials. If you are covering a tooth in the front of your mouth your dentist may recommend a ceramic colored crown that better matches the color of your other teeth. If the tooth is further back in the mouth, a gold or stainless steel crown may be recommended.

Crowns improve your bite, which can decrease stress that is placed on the jawbone. If you have a cracked or weak tooth you may naturally move food to a different location in the mouth. While this eases up the stress on one part of the jaw, it causes more stress on other parts, as you are unevenly utilizing one side of the jawbone.

Crowns can cover a tooth that is cracked or broken. Cracked and broken teeth can cause you to feel very self-conscious when smiling. Crowns allow for the teeth to be covered up and return your smile to a more natural look while protecting the broken or chipped tooth from being damaged further.

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