Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sleep Is Critical

Sleep is the critical component that restarts your body and mind. Without restorative and restful sleep, your body can slowly begin to break down and not work as well as it should. Here are 4 tips from Dr. JudithStrutz to help decrease the impact of sleep apnea.

1.     Avoid caffeine before bed. Drinking coffee, caffeinated tea or soda can decrease your body’s ability to shut down and sleep. Dr. Strutz says, “Caffeine enters the body through the bloodstream very quickly and can leave your body feeling the effects long after bedtime.”

2.     Stop watching television at least a half-hour prior to bedtime. T.V. helps keep the mind moving forward and processing images that we saw on the screen. It becomes a stimulate similar to caffeine. Reading a book, or listening to calming music instead can help you drift off to a restful sleep.

3.     Reduce food with high level of sugar in it prior to sleeping. Similar to caffeine large amounts of sugar can stimulate the body and keep you awake. “The sugar enters the blood stream and then increases hormones,” says Dr. Judy Strutz.

4.     Get help you if you have sleep apnea. A dental mouth guard can help open up the airway in order to prevent your airway from closing at night. The snore guard is fitted perfectly to your mouth and should be comfortable to wear.

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