Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To Fix Or Not To Fix

Americans are faced with multiple problems throughout their day that impact their smile, their teeth, and their health. Sleep apnea is a common problem that impacts millions of Americans. While some people move about their day faced with sleep deprivation problems there is help you can get.

Some may feel that snoring once in a while is a minimal issue, or that treatment may be too expensive, but that is not the case.  Dr. Strutz and her team can help you achieve the rest you deserve so there is no reason to live one more day without help. Lack of sleep not only impacts your relationships, but after a while your body begins to break down. Your muscles will not work as efficiently and that includes your brain.

Waking up throughout the night to catch your breath can lead to death. Even if your sleep apnea is mild, one time not waking up to catch your breath is a problem. While sleep apnea may begin mildly, it can rapidly increase to a problem where you are waking up over twenty times a night in order to catch your breath, putting additional stress on other organs like your heart and lungs.

You may tell yourself that this isn’t the type of  procedure you want to invest in for yourself, but honestly, the impact to your health is too great not to at least visit with your dentist. Sleep apnea impacts mental clarity, internal organs, your motivation, your mood and ultimately your overall health and vitality.

If you think you may have sleep apnea contact Dr. Strutz and her team today for a consultation.

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