Friday, September 4, 2015

Take Back Your Life!

Sleep apnea can impact your life negatively. You may live day in and day out drinking extra coffee in order to get through the hours. You might wake up in the morning and think today is going to be the day where I get enough sleep to focus. Yet, until you take hold of the situation and get help, your body will continue to slowly break down. 

 There is a detrimental impact on your body when it is deprived of sleep. It may first seem that you are managing it. You might be taking a nap during the day. Or have figured out an extensive coffee and sugar regimen works for the afternoon crash? This will only temporarily fix the symptoms and may result in more bodily harm. There is hope. Dr. Judy Strutz and her team can conduct an extensive exam to determine if a sleep appliance, other than a c-pap machine, will help you reclaim your life. 

While for some a c-pap machine is the recommended choice, for many a less bulky and easier to travel with option is available – a dental appliance that opens the airway, giving you back your sleep. And this option may be all you need to take back your life & get a restful night sleep. 

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